We have developed a business capability model that integrates the following; People, Processes, Technology, areas with Trust, Design and Health as core drivers. Incorporated into the following areas:

People component

Process component

Technology component

People component:

  • Transformation management
  • Alignment of all effected project stakeholders
  • Interim management through capacity building and mentorship
  • Strategic innovation and leadership development
  • Transition and change management

Process component:

  • Transition management as an approach in tackling the complex issue of sustainable development
  • Addressing environmental impact, conservation of energy, effective water management, sustainable food security and socio economic needs
  • Innovation in green development on a living profit making demonstration platform

Technology component:

  • Holistic integrated design solutions on all design fields that inter alia includes, product, architectural, hospitality, production and graphic design
  • Information Communication Technology solutions vary from providing data sets inclusive of geographical information to software, maps, customized solutions and services.
  • This geographical linked information is used for a host of purposes including population, proximity and location analysis, address verification and location based services
  • Deployment of a fully integrated management of all information systems inclusive of track and trace to the mobilization of e-governance for all developmental sectors
  • Innovative technology solutions on our technology partner platform:
    • Materials and Manufacturing Technologies
    • Building and Construction Technologies
    • Information and Communication Technologies
    • Water, Environment and Forestry Technologies
    • Mining Technologies
    • Crime Prevention Technologies
    • Defense Technologies
    • Food, Biological and Chemical Technologies
    • Sport Technologies Road and Transport Technologies

This integration system will move beyond an ad hoc approach to innovation that develops and institutionalizes a cultural mindset which results in repeatable innovative modelling supported by cutting edge technology solutions.

Steps of Engagement


Meritus International (PTY) Ltd. specializes in the challenges of transformation, modernizations and industrialization.

We collaborate with individuals, teams, organizations, governments, community leadership structures, academic institutions and networks to develop High Performance Impact Nodes (HPIN’s). We engage Centers of Excellence to deploy applied science and innovative technology that mobilizes any given industry.

We comprise of 3 individuals with complimenting skillsets and expertise that was mandated to establish a SPV (special purpose vehicle) that has the capability and capacity to successfully manage all relevant systems, technologies, processes and environments to establish impact projects that has the ability to sustain itself.

We ensure that all business relations results in high profit margins for both the company and its clients. Further to this we address return on investment in the following spheres:

  • Social return on investment
  • Environmental return on investment
  • Technological return on investment
  • Political return on investment
  • Economic return on investment

We ensure a system of weighting that involves emphasizing the contribution of some aspects of the phenomenon (HPIN’s) to a final effect or result giving it more weight in any analytical process.

We also create a competitive environment through a knowledge management process within projects based on the interaction between technology, processes and people by creating a nurturing and learn-by-doing culture.

“Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work.” – Thomas Edison

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